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Mrs. Beal's Social Studies Class

Parent News:
-This month the 8th grade Social Studies classes will be focusing on the construction of a new nation and how the founding fathers worked to create a constitution. They will also dissect the great compromises needed to make the constitution work.
-Thank you to the 8th grade families who sent cans and non-perishable foods items to support our Thanksgiving Southeastern Michigan food drive. We had a great response!

December's Upcoming Events~

*Progress Reports and Mid-Term Conferences

Dec. 4th 4:30pm-7:00pm

Dec. 5th 2:30pm-4:00pm

*Classroom Holiday Parties 

Dec. 21 Early Dismissal 12:00pm


Content Focus~

  • Foundations of a New Nation- 
  • Challenges to an Emerging Nation
  • Regional and Economic Growth
  • Antebellum Reform Movement
  • The Coming of the Civil War
  • The Civil War
  • Reconstruction
  • America in the Last Half of the 19th Century


Late Assignments~

~Students who are absent from school will be allowed to turn in assignments on the day they return to class.

~Late assignments will not be accepted without special permission from the teacher.



Please be advised! Students are expected to study everyday. Never accept that they don’t have anything to do for my class. It is imperative that students review their class assignments every night in preparation for the following days work. Homework will be given every several weeks in the form of a hands on project.  Please check my website weekly for updates.


Grading Policy~

The following grading scale will be used in all classes for homework and class work.


Grades for all core classes will be weighted as follows:


  1. Class assignments 30%
  2. Quizzes 15%
  3. Tests 30%
  4. Homework 10%
  5. Projects 10%
  6. Participation 5%




 “Our greatest contribution is to be sure there is a teacher in every classroom who cares that every student, every day, learns and grows and feels like a human being.” Author Unknown
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