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Volunteer Policy & Volunteer Opportunities
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Thank you for expressing an interest in volunteering at PACE Academy. Volunteers are an essential part of our efforts to promote academic excellence and a supportive relationship between our staff, students, and community. PACE Academy is strengthened by the work of individuals like you, who freely share their talents, time and resources. Whether it’s one hour, one day, assistance with a special project or chaperoning a field trip, your efforts make a difference for our students! Please be sure to carefully read the Volunteer Information and Guidelines. These guidelines have been established for the safety of both students and volunteers.

ICHAT Background Check
All PACE volunteers must complete the ICHAT Background Check annually.  Obtain an ICHAT background application from the main office, please note, the completed form must be submitted to the office along with your state ID; the ICHAT process takes approximately 72 hours to complete.  Please do not register to volunteer prior to completing this process. 
Track It Forward
We track volunteer hours via "Track It Forward", an electronic volunteer management system.  Once you have cleared the ICHAT process you will receive an email from "Track It Forward" encouraging you to began logging your volunteer hours.  We take volunteering very seriously; at the end of the year our volunteers who have reached or exceeded the recommended 20 hours of services will be honored at our annual volunteer reception.

  • For the safety of our students, all prospective volunteers will be subject to a criminal background check through ICHAT. PACE Academy will cover all costs associated with processing the background check. All information included in the report will be kept in a confidential file at PACE Academy.
  • The results of the ICHAT background check are valid for one year only. All volunteers must obtain approval each school year.
  • Once your application has been processed and your volunteer status is determined, you will be notified by school personnel. This process takes approximately 72 business hours.
  • If you have not been contacted after 48 hours of submitting your ICHAT form, please contact security personnel at 248-569-1060 ext. 2100.
  • Please note: All volunteers must be at least 18 years of age.

  • Always report to the main office first to sign in and receive a visitor ID badge.
  • Be sure ID badge is visible at all times while participating in volunteer activities.
  • Upon departure, make a final stop in the main office to sign out and return visitor badge.

All volunteers must strictly adhere to the PACE Academy Volunteer Guidelines.

Appropriate dress is required at all times and should reflect the school’s dress code. Remember that you are setting an example for our students. Examples of inappropriate attire includes: hats, baseball caps, scarves, yoga pants, pajama pants, provocative clothing, etc.

Child Neglect and Abuse Reporting
If a student discloses that they are in a dangerous situation or if you have reason to suspect neglect/abuse, please report this immediately and privately to the assistant principal or principal.

As you work with staff and students, remember that the problems, abilities, relationships and confidences of students, their parents, and staff should never be discussed with anyone other than a professional staff member of our school.

The school and each classroom has an established discipline policy. Please talk with the teacher to see how you can support this policy. When issues arise concerning student behavior, your responsibility is to inform the teacher or other supervising school personnel. Please do not address the child(ren) directly.

Emergency Drills
If you are present during a drill, follow the lead of the nearest faculty or staff member.

Field Trips
While many volunteer opportunities are available at PACE Academy, serving as a chaperone for field trips is one of the most popular. When volunteering time as a field trip chaperone, the  following guidelines apply:
Chaperones must:
  1. Sign in and out at the school office.
  2. Wear the volunteer badge provided by PACE.
  3. Report directly to the classroom.
  4. Follow the itinerary provided by the teacher(s) in charge.
  5. Maintain contact with all students in the assigned group.
  6. Report students not following rules to the teacher in charge.
  7. See that the students under your charge are obeying the rules. These rules should be enforced consistently.
  8. Contact the teacher immediately if any problems arise with a student.
Only individuals that have been designated by the district as approved volunteers are permitted to chaperone or accompany a class on a field trip. The volunteer’s undivided attention is needed when serving as a chaperone, therefore, siblings or other children are not permitted to attend field trips.

Helping the Teacher and Class
Volunteers work under the direction of the classroom teacher or office staff member who defines the volunteer’s duties and expectations. When serving as a classroom volunteer, the teacher(s) will work with you to create a schedule. If for any reason you will not be able to volunteer at your scheduled time, please notify the classroom teacher in advance.

Volunteer vs. Parent
When working in the building, please adhere to the volunteer schedule and try to keep your roles as volunteer and parent separate. If your child has a problem, let your child work out the problem with others and the teacher through established classroom routines and procedures. If you need to speak with a teacher about a situation involving your child, please make
arrangements to do so at a time agreed upon with the teacher that does not interrupt instructional time. **Volunteer time in the classroom is limited to one hour per day in your child’s classroom. See Main Office for other volunteer opportunities.**

Impartiality and Objectivity
A volunteer shall not favor one side or party more than another in all school situations. Personal feelings shall not enter or interfere with work as a volunteer.

Names and Labels
Every child brings to school his or her own specific skills and abilities and grows and learns at his/her own pace. Please do not make value judgments or label the abilities of any child. Please be careful not to compare your child to another in the class as they are all unique individuals.

Respect for Authority
A volunteer shall respect the authority of all school personnel. If you have a problem, issue or disagreement, please bring it to the assistant principal or principal’s attention privately, at an appropriate time.

Safe Touch Area
Handshakes and high fives are considered appropriate friendly touches. Never touch a child inappropriately or in anger. If a student is unruly or disrespectful, refer him/her to the classroom teacher. School personnel are mandated reporters. Should a child be touched inappropriately by a volunteer, the school district is obligated to file a report with the Department of Children and Family Services.

Safe Verbal Communication
Let your conversation demonstrate respect for others and yourself. Avoid language that may be perceived as discriminatory, sexist or offensive.

Tobacco Products, Drugs and Alcohol
Volunteers are prohibited from using or being under the influence of tobacco products, drugs, or alcohol.

The workrooms are available for volunteer use. Please allow faculty and staff first priority on using the equipment.

PACE Academy reserves the right to suspend and/or revoke volunteer priveledges, and may contact the local law enforcement should a volunteer pose a danger in any way. We want your volunteer time at PACE Academy to be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the principal.

Thank you for partnering with us in the pursuit of academic success for all!
Volunteer Opportunities
Contact Ms. A. Mullen at [email protected] to volunteer.