Building Powerful Habits

Sure, at Dr. Joseph F. Pollack Academic Center for Excellence (PACE Academy) we have strong academics and SEL all. day. long. But the unified framework for making good choices at our tuition-free K-8 is our Leader in Me program, teaching meaningful character development using Franklin Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

Four Pace Academy students in black uniform polo shirts smile in a row facing the camera with their arms around each other’s shoulders in front of a mural of a tree with objects that fly.

Good Habits Make Great Scholars 

Pace Academy uses The 7 Habits because it’s an organized and thoughtful way to help scholars build confidence, accountability, resilience, empathy, and healthy relationships. Here are the habits, broken down:

  1. Be Proactive: Take responsibility.
  2. Begin with the End in Mind: Have a plan!
  3. First Things First: Do your work first, then play.
  4. Think Win-Win: Find a way where everyone can win.
  5. Seek First to Understand; Then to be Understood: Listen before you talk.
  6. Synergize: Together is better.
  7. Sharpen the Saw: Balance feels best- connect with family and friends and make sure to eat healthy foods, get enough sleep and move your body. And always, always keep learning!

While there’s officially seven habits, our tuition-free K-8 also teaches a bonus eighth one: Find Your Voice…and Inspire Others to Find Theirs. We want our scholars to speak up for what they believe in!

Lead the Way through Leader in Me

PACE spends the school year focusing on the 7 Habits, using the interconnected Leader in Me program. Every morning we spend the first thirty minutes of the day learning about specific habits and ways we can be our best selves. We don’t don’t just talk about character development, we share tools we can use to be successful. Throughout the day, Leader in Me promotes an environment of social emotional learning (SEL), teaches leadership, and creates a culture of student empowerment. We engage in a whole child mindset, championing the Leader in Me tenets:

- Everyone can be a leader.

- Everyone has genius.

- Change starts with me.

- Educators empower students to lead their own learning

- Develop the whole person

At PACE Academy, we are learners today and leaders tomorrow. Our commitment to life-long learning starts in kindergarten and continues throughout our scholars’ successful lives. Join our PACE Academy Warrior family and enroll today!

About PACE Academy 

Dr. Joseph F. Pollack Academic Center for Excellence (PACE Academy) is a tuition-free public charter school serving kindergarten through eighth graders in Southfield, Michigan. At PACE Academy, we empower our scholars to realize their fullest potential through meaningful educational opportunities. We partner with our families and community in preparing our scholars to become dynamic leaders in the 21st century by celebrating the importance of collaboration and accountability in all we do. Join our growing school, enroll today!