PACE Affirmation is Our Warrior Way

Brrrrrrring! First bell of the day at Dr. Joseph F. Pollack Academic Center for Excellence (PACE Academy), a K-8 Southfield, Michigan elementary school. Let’s eavesdrop in on what these learners today and leaders tomorrow are doing as they begin their academic day.


Four PACE Academy students stand in line in a hallway with a mural on the wall asserting their school motto, “Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow”. One of the students smiles at the camera, two students look in front of them in line and student at the front looks behind him, smiling.

First we hear the Pledge of Allegiance. Then, over the PA system, the Pace Academy Student Affirmation is recited. This is part of our TRIBES Social Emotional Learning (SEL), thirty minutes every day of learning about different ways of building successful and thoughtful character. Let’s take a closer look at our affirmation, line by line, and understand more about the PACE Warrior Way:

I Am Here to Learn! Therefore…

At our engaged tuition-free K-8 school, strong academics meeting or exceeding state level are taught. We add layers of support for all of our scholars, meeting them where they are and offering a personalized education.

I Will Be Respectful, Responsible, and Safe

Teaching SEL is at the heart of all we do at our tuition-free elementary school. We use the Leader in Me curriculum using the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People® by Stephen Covey as our framework. This approach is highly regarded for its research-backed approach to developing leadership skills and flexible, critical thinkers.

I Promise to Respect Myself, Others, and My School

Respect gets the royal treatment at PACE Academy. We’re all in this together. Respect goes hand in hand with responsibility but it’s not as hard as it can seem. Just coming to school and getting here on time is an accomplishment but timeliness also shows respect for your school, your teachers and even yourself because:

I Promise to be Responsible for My Education

The 7 Habits begins with “Be Proactive”, which essentially means, be responsible. It’s so important it’s the first...and then referenced in the other six. However, at PACE Academy, we are here to help! 

We offer academic support (including tutoring), keep parents informed (and involved!), and make learning fun through enrichments like gardening and a Strings Program. We know scholars have different learning styles and we do what it takes to help everyone.

I Will Do Nothing to Keep the Teacher from Teaching and Others from Learning

Do you see how this has been framed as a positive? We take a positive focus so seriously at our small school that we’ve developed a Social Excellence Protocol including a Positive Behavioral Expectation for Success. These ideas thoughtfully explore ways we can help everyone learn and succeed. We understand that we all need tools to help us grow and use our TRIBES Advisory to teach them so everyone knows what to expect. 

Speaking of keeping it on the positive, we celebrate students who demonstrate the affirmation traits at our monthly Monday morning assembly.

I Promise to Be Safe, by Following All Rules and Directions

Safety first! Following rules and directions makes it safe for all of us to learn. For example, we offer an after-school Archery program. Yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds but safety is KEY! In fact, scholars are learning just as much about safety protocol (keeping doors shut while arrows are in action) as they are proper bow handling.

Ultimately, I Will Become a Capable, Confident, and Responsible Individual

Yep, this is a PACE Warrior in a nutshell: we affirm greatness in ourselves and each other. We may have different learning styles and levels, but by working together- with our engaged teachers and supportive specialists- we’ve got this!

At PACE Academy, we are thrilled to come together and share our commitment to strong minds and character. Join our PACE Academy Warrior family and enroll today!

About PACE Academy 

Dr. Joseph F. Pollack Academic Center for Excellence (PACE Academy) is a tuition-free public charter school serving kindergarten through eighth grade in Southfield, Michigan. At PACE Academy, we empower our scholars to realize their fullest potential through meaningful educational opportunities. We partner with our families and community in preparing our scholars to become dynamic leaders in the 21st century by celebrating the importance of collaboration and accountability in all we do. Join our growing school, enroll today!