Why Choose PACE Academy

Choices are hard. 

Pizza or tacos.

Beach or mountains.

Picking out a movie that everyone wants to watch.

But choosing your child’s elementary and middle school doesn’t have to be difficult. 

At Dr. Joseph F. Pollack Academic Center for Excellence (PACE Academy), we have it all: strong academics, fun enrichments, thoughtful character building and a dynamic leadership program.

Best of all, it’s free!


Five PACE Academy students in matching maroon shirts and black pants jump into the air in the school hallway with their arms outstretched over their heads.


School Choice Made Easy


As a tuition-free public K-8 charter school, Pace Academy champions school choice and the freedom to provide an education that serves our students. 


When you choose our Southfield, Michigan school, you are choosing individualized attention, caring teachers, and a high-quality academic environment for your K-8 scholar. You can feel confident that you are setting your child up for a bright future. After all, our Warriors motto is “Learners today, leaders tomorrow”!


Learning at our engaged school is both student-centered and customized. We value each scholar's individual learning styles, interests, and personalities. 


Our small, close-knit school is just the right size to nurture relationships and ensure that needs are met and strengths are cultivated. Free of charge and from K-8, we offer: 


- Rigorous, standards-based curriculum

- Tailored support for all K-8 students

- Social emotional learning (SEL) program

- Leader in Me / 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Program

- Joyful, developmentally appropriate kindergarten

- After-school programs to fit your family’s life

- Clubs like Archery, Twirling Steppers, & Karate

- Competitive sports like basketball, volleyball, & track

- Outdoor playground and gardens

- Enrichments like our STEM and art classes

- Strings Program for hands-on musical exploration 

- A math festival, spelling bee, science fair, Battle of the Books –  just to name a few

Relationships are Key

At PACE Academy, our greatest assets are our staff and scholars. No matter the challenges your student is facing, our engaged community ensures that there will always be someone in their corner, cheering them on, and reminding them how truly amazing they are. 


A safe and secure environment for your child is our top priority. Our K-8 school’s inclusive community welcomes our scholars as a part of our family. We cultivate a bond together and our teachers aim to help build confidence in scholars’ skills and abilities. 


We also build community through our robust enrichment activities and events. We have meaningful ways for families to be involved, too.  We love sharing our school!

Join our PACE Academy Warrior family for strong academics and great enrichments. Enroll today!


About PACE Academy 

Dr. Joseph F. Pollack Academic Center for Excellence (PACE Academy) is a tuition-free public charter school serving kindergarten through eighth grade in Southfield, Michigan. At PACE Academy, we empower our scholars to realize their fullest potential through meaningful educational opportunities. We partner with our families and community in preparing our scholars to become dynamic leaders in the 21st century by celebrating the importance of collaboration and accountability in all we do. Join our growing school, enroll today!